Included Services

Campus Animal Resources includes considerable expertise available to researchers. Contact at key points in your work for no-charge consultations.

Veterinary Consultation

Prepare for your IACUC application. Prior to the start of projects involving hazards, new species or specialized equipment, Primary Investigators (PI) are required to contact Campus Animal Resources (CAR) vet staff. 


Advanced Training

Request hands-on instruction and practice in animal handling, restraint techniques, and introduction to other technical skills. Contact

CAR Facility Management

All animal housing facilities are monitored and managed by an experienced CAR animal facility supervisor who can assist with coordinating services and providing referrals.

After project start, the PI must contact the CAR supervisor to discuss changes in:

  • access for personnel (additions & cancellations)
  • husbandry needs
  • signage
  • your contact information

Transportation Support

While some services require a small charge, CAR provides containers for transporting small animals between campus locations. Researcher shuttle ride with container pictures