Visitor Entry-Escort

Visitors Require Escorts

  • Campus Animal Resources (CAR) must approve all visitors, including tour participants.  Tour participants are not allowed in animal rooms without PI notification and approval.
  • PI's must sign Visitor Request Form for individuals observing procedures or entering animal rooms.
  • Visitors must be approved in advance.
  • Visitors are escorted at all times.
  • Visitors are observers only. Visitors must not handle animals. 
    • Refer to IACUC policies and update animal use form (AUF) for new animal handlers. 

Vendors and Contractors - for construction project, utilities work

  • Visits are coordinated with CAR facility manager through IPF or ITS.
  • Bring identification and other required documentation. 

Government officials - for inspections, audits as required by law

  • Must have valid agency identification
  • Contact the facility supervisor or call 517-353-5064 for CAR escort

Emergency responders - for responding to police, fire, or medical emergencies

  • Emergency responders will be given ad hoc access (assisted by CAR where possible) and do not need pre-screening.