Transferring Animals

Transfers between Protocols (AUFs)

IACUC approval is required to transfer an animal to another protocol. The AUF approval was based on information you provided about specific animals and procedures.

  • PI must complete Transfer Request form.
  • Veterinary review - for health and history of animal(s) to be transferred
  • Administrative review - to check if the protocol has sufficient animals available
  • Facilities management - to verify there are no health risks associated with building-to-building transfers

Imports From Other Institutions

Notify CAR prior to importing animals. CAR must review their health and other concerns. Even if the institution originally purchased the animals from a vendor on MSU's approved vendor list, CAR must still review the animals health prior to import.  

  • Complete the Import Request form.
  • CAR staff verify animals are available on the protocol.
  • CAR coordinates contact with shipping institution for health information, shipping details and approvals.
  • Imported rodents are housed in quarantine upon arrival. 
  • Quarantine testing charges are assessed upon arrival.
  • Quarantine period varies based on health history and species.

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Adopting MSU Animals

Michigan State University values the contribution animals make toward the understanding of human and animal development, disease and therapies. When University-owned animals that have been involved in research, teaching and testing are no longer needed for those purposes, the University may make some of those animals available for adoption. The adoption process is overseen by University officials and the animal care program.  Each animal will undergo an internal evaluation, including assessments of health and temperament. Not every animal will be deemed suitable for adoption or made available for adoption. If an animal is made available for adoption, MSU then will review requests for adoption on a case-by-case basis, taking into account, among other things, the potential adopters’ capability of fulfilling the veterinary care, sheltering and financial obligations inherent to animal ownership. All decisions as to the suitability of an animal for adoption and whether a request to adopt is granted are within the discretion of the university.

University-owned animals will be made available only through the University. Any third party purporting to offer university-owned animals for adoption does not have the legal right to do so and cannot transfer ownership of any such animal.