Vet Consultations and Other Expert Services

Campus Animal Resources (CAR) employs more than 100 personnel to provide husbandry, veterinary, and administrative care to animals. Many are AALAS-certified in addition to having species-specific training. 

No-Charge Vet Consultations

Email to schedule a consultation for a new project or on-going concerns.

  • Animal health surveillance program
  • Physicals for long-term animals (select species)
  • Emergency veterinary care

No-Charge Training

Fee-Based Services

Pricing information including housing per diem rates, equipment rental rates, and a list of approved vendors is available.

  • Breeding, weaning, separating
  • Equipment rental
  • Labor for set-up of special housing
  • Additional project needs such as additional cage changing or feed cup washing
  • Crating and handling of animals exported to other institutions
  • Health surveillance to assess colony health (above standard veterinary oversight)
  • Other support services upon request.

Contact to discuss your project needs, budget and schedule.