Responsibilities for Using Shared Facilities

All facilities house animals for multiple researchers.  The following contribute to the biosecurity of facilities and animals and efficiency.


  • Keep work areas (benches, cabinets) clean for next use.
  • Exit rooms via dirty hallway, when available.
  • If storing supplies within an animal room, place in a sealable container that can be sanitized (no cardboard boxes). PI's must receive pre-approval to store project supplies in animal rooms.
  • Use the Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) provided.
  • Adjusting light timers is prohibited. Contact Facility Manager for assistance with alternate light cycles.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Do not prop open animal room doors.
  • Adhere to room sequences for each building.  If additional buildings must be entered, contact Facility Manager for building sequences.

Cage Wash Room Traffic

  • Traffic flow is from clean to dirty. Do not walk through A dirty area to go to clean area.
  • Dirty equipment (boxes, lids, bottles) goes to dirty side of cage wash.
  • Do not place sippers, bottles or cage card holders in bedding.
  • Do not track through clean cage wash area; pick up new caging supplies in designated cage storage area.
  • Disposal of contaminated caging should be arranged with CAR prior to the start of a study

Working in Procedure Labs

  • Schedule use of procedure labs with facility manager or using on-site calendar.
  • Schedule training meetings with CAR and EHS for projects needing "runners" (staff transporting specimens or samples to the PI's primary lab for further anaylsis) to meet safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Keep work areas (benches, cabinets) clean for next use.
  • Decontaminate surfaces following required procedures. Refer to the Animal Hazard Control form (AHCF)
  • Provide MSDS for hazardous materials brought into labs to facility manager.
  • If storing supplies within a procedure lab, place in a sealable container that can be sanitized (no cardboard boxes).  PI's must receive pre-approval from CAR to store project supplies in procedure labs.
  • Use Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) as required.
  • Notify CAR staff immediately about hazardous material spills and provide information about spill, containment and clean-up. 

See also, the guidelines below to further plan and manage your work.