Research Project Approvals

Prior to working with animals for research, teaching, testing, or public outreach, you must have approval. 

Application and Approval Process

1. Start right by consulting early with CAR veterinary staff and IACUC administrators on protocol design, animal care and housing, completing the AUF form, and expected training requirements. 

     Vet consult cross    Complete the AUF application  All personnel finish required training

2. Most research projects require completion of the Animal Use Form (AUF)
3. Training reuqirements vary depending on details of the protocl and personnel responsibilities. 

4. Submit your AUF form to iacuc@msu.eduThe IACUC will review and when appropriate give approval to your project. 

      After approval you can access various Campus Animal Resources    IACUC will monitor projects until close

6. IACUC approval is required to procure animals and to access animal housing facilities.

7. Site-visits and other monitoring activities are also required by regulation. Researchers will be contacted by the IACUC. 

If you aren't sure if your project requires IACUC approval, review the activities that require IACUC oversight page and/or contact the IACUC administrative staff for an exemption.

Resources for Steps in Your Application & Approval Process