Grant Statements

Campus Animal Resources at Michigan State University provides veterinary care, daily husbandry and health checks, procurement and other administrative support for research and teaching endeavors in biomedical housing facilities and assists with animal health oversight of agricultural species at Michigan State University. Animals are observed daily by animal care staff that have additional training in laboratory animal sciences and species-specific handling and husbandry.

Our animal species are maintained in appropriate housing arrangements that facilitate species-specific behaviors, with social needs met and provided with enrichment. All biomedical and agricultural animal facilities are fully accredited by AAALAC and are registered with the USDA. Animal projects involving research, teaching and production work at MSU require a veterinary consult and all animal projects are required to be described thoroughly in the Animal Use Form (AUF) and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Veterinary support for clinical and emergency care is provided by three laboratory animal veterinarians (one certified by ACLAM), one part-time large animal veterinarian, and two registered veterinary technicians. Animals that experience any health concerns are reported by care staff to the veterinary team for veterinary assessments, diagnostics and treatments. For large animal emergencies, the College of Veterinary Medicine provides intensive care facilities and assistance, if needed.

October 2016