GoogleApps Reviewer Tips

The IACUC now uses GoogleApps for reviewer comments and questions.

Instructions (Printable PDF)

  1. Bookmark
  2. Login with your NetID. 
  3. In your google drive, click Shared with Me then IACUC Protocol Review folder, then the month folder and protocol file you want. 
  4. Just begin typing into the form. All reviewers will enter their comments into the same Google doc. The relevant Google doc will already have questions listed for you. 
  5. Add your initials so you can go back to YOUR specific questions later. Initials are removed from the investigator’s version of the file.

When finished, you can just leave. Your questions and comments are saved automatically. You may even see another reviewer adding their comments at the same time.

If you want to review another protocol, go back to Google Docs home and repeat the process. 

When you have been notified that an investigator has responded, you will go back to to find another file for that round of review. 

Upon return visits to, you may see the IACUC Protocol Review folder and recently viewed protocol files listed in your drive.