Animal Housing & Other Facilities

Animals are housed in specially managed facilities to ensure stable and healthy environments.

Business Related Need for Access

  1. Research staff must have animals in facility
  2. IACUC staff, chairperson and attending veterinarian
  3. Physical Plant staff assigned to facility and/or project
  4. EHS staff working with researchers and CAR staff
  5. Service contractors
  6. CAR personnel


Access to facilities is limited and requires pre-arrangement.

  • Security Authorization - security card policies, visitor escorts, definitions
  • Get Access - requirements for service/maintenance and research personnel including approval forms, training, orientations

More Facility Info

Consult Facility Manager Before Changes

After project start, the PI must contact the Facility Manager about:

  • additional or special husbandry needs
  • change to project
  • change in signage
  • change in contact information
  • adding or removing personnel from facility access list
  • project completion

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