Campus Animal Resources (CAR)

We provide husbandry, veterinary care, procurement, and other administrative support for research and teaching in animal housing facilities. 

Campus Animal Resources includes:

  • Animals - from rodents to large livestock
  • Experts - veterinary staff, technicians, and other personnel with expertise in providing care and handling for a variety of species and considerable experience supporting research and teaching.
  • Facilities - both biomedical and agricultural on the main campus and remote AgBioResearch centers

What We Do

Michigan State University's Campus Animal Resources (CAR) facilitates animal-related research and teaching programs at Michigan State University.

  • Monitor and manage animals in various facilities - AgBioResearch, Tollgate and other Off-Campus Farms plus the farms, Vivarium, and other animal facilities within the East Lansing campus.
  • Provide related services - veterinary consultations and care, animal handling, breeding colonies management, reviewing vendors, facilitate transfers of animals between institutions.
  • Ensure animal care - providing for the animals' daily care needs, providing proper veterinary care, and ensuring that the highest standards are met relating to animal care and animal health. Our operations include:

We provide services and resources to investigators to accomplish their animal research objectives:

  • Small animal breeding and housing support
  • Large animal housing and husbandry
  • Consultation on facilities, experimental procedures, and utilization of species.
  • Consultation and/or veterinary inspection regarding disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Consultation on acquisition of animals and animal supplies.

Lastly, we maintain and enhance public understanding, education and support for Michigan State University's research and teaching programs.