Attire and PPE Requirements

Operation of a healthy work environment for personnel and animals depends on consistent work practices including use of appropriate attire and personal protective equipment (PPE).   All personnel working in Campus Animal Resources facilities are expected to follow the requirements outlined below and report inconsistencies to the Operations Manager or the Director. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in a loss of access privileges.

Closed toe shoes are required for all entrants due to potential exposure to cleaning solutions, sharps and other animal care equipment.  (No sandals, flip-flops or open-toe shoes.)

Campus Animal Resources facilities are Latex-Free due to the severity of allergic response.

Minimum PPE to enter all animal rooms is a disposable gown and gloves.  Review door posting for additional PPE requirements.

  • To control the spread of allergens, do not take used lab coats into hallways or out of facilities.  
  • To control the spread of pathogens when working with multiple colonies, change gloves between handling of different colonies.  
  • For pathogen and allergen control, do not wear gloves or other PPE from animal rooms into hallways.

For entry into rooms with hazards, personnel must wear PPE as posted on the Animal Hazard Control Form and dispose of PPE as directed on the form.

Personnel wearing N-95 respirators must be fit-tested annually by EHS to use this PPE.  

  • Departments are responsible for providing N-95 respirators for their personnel.
  • ULAR provides N-95 respirators for ULAR staff.
PPE precautions are for individuals in generally good health and may not protect individuals who have allergies to animals or compromised immune systems (ex:  pregnant, ill or recovering from recent illness).