Activities that Require IACUC Review & Approval

Any ownership or use of animals for research, teaching, testing, or public outreach by or for MSU must be approved by the IACUC.  Some activities are exempt, but check first. 

Check with the IACUC before you do any of these: 

  • breed, buy, or conduct research involving animals
  • study wild animals
  • conduct farming and food production with animals
  • euthanize an animal
  • import or export animals
  • test products, procedures, or treatments on animals
  • transport animals
  • initiate a new project
  • add a new procedure or controlled substance
  • change your protocol
  • change the breed you are using
  • schedule a public performance or demonstration with animals

Get approval before you begin any activities involving animals. 
The laws and guidelines for using animals are numerous. Non-compliance can affect animal care. Non-compliance will be costly to the investigator and the University (reputation harm, loss of funding). The IACUC committee and staff have up-to-date information on legislation and regulations and contacts with agencies providing guidelines for the care and use of animals.