Facility Security Clearance & Access Procedure for Personnel

There are several steps for accessing animal areas to ensure your safety, animal care and research integrity.

Service/Maintenance personnel

Investigators/Project personnel

  1. Must have a Business Need and valid MSU Spartan ID
  2. Forms & Approvals
    1. Animal Use Form - PI's must authorize security requests for their staff and assure that personnel are authorized on applicable AUF(s)
    2. Occupational Health Questionnaire - completed/updated prior to orientation
    3. Building Security Access & Key Request form requires manager signature
    4. CAR management authorizes MSU Police to issue security privileges after orientation is complete
  3. Training
    Research personnel must have safety and animal care training. Check your training transcripts and complete any missing or outdated training:
    1. IACUC Tutorial online
    2. Biosafety Principles annual training certification
    3. Working within CAR for Rodent Users online training
  4. CAR Facility Orientation
    1. Find & register for appropriate facility orientation in Events & Workshops calendar. (About housing assignments)
    2. Orientation includes introduction to the security system, overview of procedures for animal movement, notice of any hazards, and tour of facility.
    3. Note approval forms and training pre-requisites above. 
      Bring the Access Request Form above signed by your supervisor to the orientation