About the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC reviews, approves & oversees all MSU programs involving the care & use of animals to ensure compliance with standards & regulatory requirements. 

By law, MSU faculty, staff, and students must abide by the care and management practices approved by the IACUC (legal foundation).

What We Do

IACUC shield

The IACUC is responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with standards and regulatory requirements; monitoring all activities involving live vertebrate animals;
  • Conducting protocol reviews (reviewing, approving, requiring modifications in, or withholding approval of initial, renewed, or revised, applications to use animals in research and teaching) (IACUC approval process);
  • Conducting facility inspections including animal study areas;
  • Documenting animal use and inspection conditions and filing appropriate reports to University and governmental officials;
  • Investigating any concerns and answering questions about animal use;
  • Suspending activities not conducted in compliance with federal or university regulations, requirements, and/or guidelines.

Who We Are

  • Committee Members: The IACUC includes scientists, veterinarians, and local community representation. All are appointed by the MSU President. 
  • IACUC staff: Administrators knowledgeable in the laws and standards who facilitate IACUC applications to use animals and provide other support to the IACUC/Committee.
  • Operations: Assistant VP for Regulatory Affairs, currently Joseph R. Haywood. PhD.
  • Institutional Official: Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, currently Stephen D. H. Hsu, PhD.


MSU recognizes and embraces the fundamental interdependence of humans and animals and is committed to the core value of humane care and use of all animals. Animal-related activities are an integral part of MSU’s teaching, research and outreach missions and help MSU advance the quality of life for people and animals. See also - legal authorization for IACUC.