Post-Approval Monitoring

The IACUC is responsible for on-going oversight of projects the include animals. Below are resources on post-approval monitoring. 

General Information

Post approval monitoring for laboratories and investigators is a process based on education and assistance designed to ensure that investigators and staff are able to achieve their scientific goals while maintaining compliance with all university and federal policies and guidelines related to animal use.


A typical laboratory visit includes the IACUC Research Liaison and sometimes an EHS representative and an additional IACUC member. These visits are most successful if the investigator and senior laboratory staff attend although all members of the laboratory are welcome to participate. It is essential that someone is available that is familiar with all animal related research that occurs in the laboratory. Please allow 30 minutes for this visit.

The focus is a review of the activities in your laboratory as described in your Animal Use Form(s).

Topics may include:

  • IACUC animal use form on site
  • Training log for personnel in which their training for specific animal procedures such as catheterization, surgery, etc. is clearly defined with date, trainer and procedures.
  • All personnel involved in animal work are listed on the animal use form
  • Whistleblower poster visible
  • Gas Anesthetics scavenged
  • Drug storage and expiration dates checked
  • Drugs listed are consistent with usage
  • Species consistent with animal use form
  • Use of animal consistent with animal use form
  • Surgical and post-operative records available
  • Aseptic technique used
  • Post surgical analgesia given
  • Animal health records available
  • Euthanasia performed consistent with animal use form
  • Adverse consequences documented
  • Special diets used/storage
  • Training in endpoints, illness

EHS checklist:

  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Hazard communication
  • Safety training
  • Procedures relating to controlled substances including use, recordkeeping, security
  • Regulated waste management and pathological waste disposal
  • Use of engineering controls in conjunction with potentially hazardous materials
  • Participation in Occupational Health Program
  • Other safety related items as applicable to the protocol

Follow-Up Activities

The follow-up includes:

  • A status report of the visit sent to the investigator
  • Corrective actions necessary for minor and/or significant deficiencies
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • An abbreviated report presented at the monthly IACUC meeting

Please note that while our goal is to help you achieve your scientific goals while maintaining compliance, we are required to report any serious and continuing non compliance on PHS funded activities.

All animal housing and surgical or procedure areas are inspected on a semiannual basis.