ID Card Use Policy

Only those with a legitimate business need are approved for Spartan ID card access. Upon approval, you will use your card to swipe into the approved animal facility/ies swipe pad. 

  • Authorization is by research facility. Additional facilities will be added as necessary. 
  • Your Spartan ID card must not be shared or loaned to others.  
  • You must notify Campus Animal Resources (CAR) when security authorization is no longer needed by yourself or your personnel 
  • Report a lost or stolen ID card immediately to MSU Police to avoid unauthorized use. 
  • Only enter the areas required to conduct your business (your approved research or maintenance activities). 
  • Your card use to enter facilities may be tracked. 

Card Problem? 

  • New and replacement cards are currently issued at the MSU ID Office, Room 170 International Center

Approval Procedures

Researchers and other specific service/maintenance personnel can be granted access using their MSU ID card to enter freely and unescorted to conduct research or care for animals.